In today’s low interest environment, Canadians are looking closely at their financial, retirement and estate planning needs. Should you switch the holdings in your savings plans to riskier investment that are not guaranteed, for potential better returns?

If markets drop and you pass away, your beneficiaries could be inheriting much less.

Self-Employed, Professionals, and Small Business Owners
should consider Creditor-Protection possibilities.

Insurance companies can offer investments that feature death benefit guarantees and other planning advantages under provincial insurance laws.

  • Principal guarantees
  • Potential lock-in of gains through reset
  • Creditor-protection possibilities as well.
  • Life income products, annuities, segregated funds, and GIC alternatives are available to suit all investment risk profiles.
  • Upon death, properly named beneficiaries can receive the investment proceeds directly, outside the will, escaping probate.
  • Important estate planning advantages VS non-register investment, GICs, and savings accounts. (SEE BELOW FOR ESTATE PLANNING CHART)
  • Good health is not a condition to qualify for insurance company investments.

This could make these GIC and other investment products a better alternative to joint banking/investment accounts. (Contact us to find out how)

To offer value and peace of mind.

  • Do you know what effect probate, taxation, legal and accounting fees will have on your estate?
  • What about the projected costs for health care, assisted living, nursing and home care?
  • How will the cost of each of these impact on your financial plan and drain your resources?
  • In the case of retirement, how long can you expect to live based on family history and how long after that will your spouse live?
  • Do you want to retain assets for your heirs, or deplete all of your assets during your lifetime?

Please Consult The Appropriate Professional For Legal & Accounting Advice 

Here are some advantages of holding insurance company investment products:

Designating eligible Beneficiaries for non-registered funds                                   E+O.E.

Subject to Stocks, Bonds, Savings
Mutual Funds, Bank GICs
Life Insurance + Insurance Company Investment Products
  Probate Fees (E.A.T.) Up to 1.5% NIL
  Legal Fees 3 – 6% Average NIL
  Accounting / Trustee Fees 2 – 5% Average NIL
  Fund Distribution Can take months or years Upon proof of death
  Privacy Public Record Private
  Potential for Creditor-             Protection No Yes
  Death Benefit Guarantees     Investments No Yes – subject to conditions, restrictions from insurer
  Potential Estate Costs Up to 12.5% NIL

Let us demonstrate the value of including Insurance Company Investments in your financial, retirement + estate planning strategy