The only constant in life is change

People get hurt the most financially by events totally unexpected or unplanned for – unanticipated risks not being identified, no contingency plan in place. (Death, divorce, bankruptcy, personal liability, illness, caring for family members, career changes, etc.) This greatly affects Professionals, Self-Employed, Owners of Small Business and Contract Workers.

When someone passes away prematurely, or become disabled:

  • The liability of mortgages and other debts don’t simply vanish.
  • The ability to earn income stops.
  • Family members, or others that depend on you are put in a vulnerable position.

What is your "Plan B" and where does it take you?

BestPlan focuses on understanding elements that can prevent you from reaching your goals. We off­er risk management strategies, and create adaptability within your plan. Important information can then be conveyed to other needed professionals – improving the quality of advice & your chances to achieve financial advantage.

6 Steps to lead you through The Financial Planning Process:

Financial Planning by BestPlan Strategies to identify your issues and reach your goals1. Determine your goals and objectives, and prioritize them.

2. Gather the appropriate personal and financial data, analyze it, and apply reasonable and objective assumptions.

3. Identify financial issues affecting your short-term, pre-retirement, and post-retirement goals, including estate planning where required. “You should engage the appropriate professionals”. We can address specific financial issues and alternatives, including risk management guidance.

4. Prepare written alternatives and recommendations for your consideration, We can help you to anticipate roadblocks in your plan, and offer flexible solutions that leave room for adapting to future conditions.

5. You choose the appropriate solutions from those suggested, which may involve other financial services. Then we help you implement your plan.

6. Most importantly, it is essential to review your plan regularly, so that you can adapt to life’s changes, where appropriate!

Find out how BestPlan's defensive strategies can benefit you.