Long-Term Personal Disability and Critical Illness Insurance to Better Protect Your Total Income

Be Aware: Group Long-Term Disability Insurance May Not Protect Your Total Income

In most group benefits plans, Long Term Disability coverage may be capped at a fixed amount based on salary alone, not including bonuses, commissions, or retained earnings.

This could create a significant shortfall in protecting your total income in the event of a long-term disability or critical illness.

Long-Term Personal Disability and Critical Illness Insurance to Better Protect Your Total Income

Where will the difference come from?

Long-Term Personal Disability and Critical Illness Insurance can top up this shortfall and provide superior coverage for better peace of mind.

For over 20 years, I have assisted professionals, self-employed, contract workers, and small biz owners.

Personal Life insurance, Long-Term Disability and Critical Illness insurance can become an asset, not just an expense.

As an Independent Life & Living Benefits Agent, I have access to all the leading Insurance Company products.

There are different personal plans available, based on occupation and other criteria. Coverage and costs can vary greatly and should be tailored to your needs.

For making the effort, I will also provide a free valuable PERSONAL RECORDS ORGANIZER;
One place to record important information regarding your financial and estate planning needs.

Let me be in your corner.

Please explore my BestPlan.ca website and Linked In. Connect with me by phone, email, or to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

There is no obligation, and I promise you’ll come away with a few good planning ideas!

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