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If your investments lose 50%, you would need to make a 100% return simply to break even. Perhaps there is enough time for a young person in their 20's to recover and stay on track, but certainly this is not the case for someone in their 50's with a shorter time horizon.

Your mortgage life insurance at the bank may not be renewed if your health deteriorates! Should you change lenders, you have to re-qualify for your mortgage insurance, most likely at a higher rate!

Renewal rates for 5-10 year Term Life insurance can increase as much as 300%-400%.

You can create a sizeable Tax-Free Estate for your spouse and children for as little as fifteen to twenty cents on the dollar!

Through an insured annuity concept, you can establish a lifetime income stream for your retirement and still leave a sizeable sum for your children/heirs.

Emergency funds - A contingency fund containing three months to one year's salary should be part of your foundation. You may consider setting up a line of credit to free up capital. If you do, shop around for the lowest rates!

A provincial family law* exists that may make grown children legally obligated to support their parents.
* ("Ontario Family Law Act - R.S.O. 1990
Every child who is not a minor has an obiligation to provide support, in accordance with need, for his or her parent who has cared for or provided support for the child, to the extent that the child is capable of doing so.")